Academic Excellence in Texas Rugby

With the new semester just beginning Texas Rugby would like to acknowledge several of its members for their performance in the classroom from the previous semester.

   Fall 2014
Texas Rugby Members with Perfect GPA of 4.0
 Name Classification Major
 Reed Hogan Sophomore Economics
 Jon Murphy Freshman Undeclared
  Texas Rugby Members with GPA of 3.0 or Higher
David Blinn Freshman Radio Television Film
Alex Cook Freshman Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Kveton Freshman Undeclared
Daniel Nwoko Freshman Mechanical Engineering
Lior Vansteenkiste Freshman Computer Science
Timothy Yoder Freshman  Civil Engineering
Nadim Aly Sophomore Economics
Stefan Cavazos Sophomore Economics
Alex Fort Sophomore Business
William Gaul Sophomore Mathematics
Charlie Schwan Sophomore Radio Television Film
Steven Taylor Sophomore Chemical Engineering
Carson Youman Sophomore Management Information Systems
Wade Bennett Junior Sports Management / Pre-Law
Felix Gaulke Junior Finance
Matthew Inman Junior Petroleum Engineering
William Kuhn Junior Finance
Adrian Ruiz Junior History / Corporate Communications Majors
Gabriel Smith Junior International Relations & Global Studies Major
John Boudreaux Senior Chemical Engineering
Adan Briones Senior Computer Science
Bryan Leighton Senior International Relations & Global Studies Major
Tommy Gilmore Senior Spanish
Taylor Hayes Senior Mechanical Engineering
Mason Hopkins Senior Computer Science
Connor Kennedy Senior Advertising
Felix Olazaran Senior Computer Science / Economics / Mathematics
Claudio Ramirez Senior Communications Studies / Economics
Joseph Reistroffer Senior Chemical Engineering
Hunter Wrobleske Senior Pure Mathematics
Matthew Young Senior Biochemistry
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