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Red River Rivalry – Texas vs Oklahoma Preview

Liking and respecting are two very different things – you don’t have to like someone to respect them. Texas rugby head coach Christopher Hopps makes that very clear. “We have tremendous respect for OU,” Hopps stated. “They have had some great results, but we don’t like them.  I don’t like any of them.” Distain for […]

Gray Matter Technologies – A Texas Rugger Startup

The sharp cracking of helmets elicits a huge roar and slight grimace from the crowd. One football player is temporarily stunned, lying motionless on the field, but that hit will make every high light reel for the next week. The cheering is all good-natured of course because eventually that player will return to his feet […]

All Hustle, No Luck

The Texas Longhorns were all hustle Saturday and unfortunately the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame ran out of luck. The Longhorns have come a long way- in more ways than one. Literally, they drove nearly 40 hours roundtrip to get to Notre Dame’s pitch for their Saturday match-up. After a mix-up with the charter bus, […]

Oklahoma Earns Bragging Rights Over Texas for the Year

A wet haze blanketed the field in Norman, Oklahoma. It was cold, in the mid 40’s; something the Longhorns have played through before, but not a condition they are accustomed to. After a thorough warmup to loosen muscles tightened by the weather, the Longhorns seemed hopeful. The team linked arms around their head coach Chris […]

Texas Triumph Over TCU for their 4th Consecutive SWC Victory

The Horned Frogs may have acquired the nickname “the big bruisers,” but Texas proved it was more than capable of handling a few black and blue marks and cruised over TCU 34-22 to maintain its undefeated record. The Horned Frogs have traditionally been a strong team with big physical athletes. They’re big; they’re strong; they’re […]

Texas Sweeps Aside Rice

Two years ago Texas played Rice for the SouthWest Conference Championship- a show down between two teams that are consistently rated at the top of the conference. Both teams had perfect records and both were hungry for the title. Rice got the upper hand early by throwing down the first try of the match, but […]