Texas Rugby Opens 15s Season with Three Big Matches!!

Texas Rugby opens up their 15s season with three big matches against the tough University of North Texas squads this Friday night and then on to Nacogdoches to take on the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. Texas’s A-side will open up the festivities against UNT’s A-side at 7pm on the game pitch at the Intramural Fields. Shortly after the final whistle blows the Texas B-side will face off against UNT’s B-side at approximately 8:30pm. UNT, who gave Texas their only loss during the 7s qualifiers in the fall, squared off against Texas in the Southwest Conference 7s Championship, where Texas took a commanding lead in the second half to win 47-13. SFA, who joined the Southwest Conference in fall 2013, are looking to defend their home pitch when Texas A-side travels there on Saturday.

Texas, being in The Varsity Cup, has to get used to having back-to-back 80-minute matches on consecutive days because Varsity Cup matches run on Saturday and Sunday. Starting the 15s season out with one of these weekends will definitely push Texas in the right direction and prepare us for success during The Varsity Cup post-season championship.

Here are your lineups for this upcoming weekend:

Texas A-side vs UNT A-side

1. E.K. Yancy
2. Adrian Ruiz
3. Danny Camara
4. Peter Hyams (C)
5. Tommy Gilmore
6. Reed Hogan
7. Rafael Lopez Segovia
8. Tanner Avery
9. John Boudreaux
10. Carson Youman
11. Matthew Young
12. Stuart McNulty
13. Charlie Schwan
14. Thomas Mauriac
15. Felix Olazaran

Texas B-side

1. Adan Briones
2. JB Harvey
3. Charles Whittel
4. Thomas Young
5. Connor O’Leary
6. Yez Jarrar
7. Brett Wurdeman
8. Matthew Inman (C)
9. Akash Shah
10. Steven Taylor
11. Bryan Leighton
12. Fernando Chada
13. Faher Aboshady
14. Joe Lopez
15. Jorge Canavati

Texas vs SFA

1. Danny Camara
2. Matt Bomberger
3. Josh Hoffman
4. Peter Hyams (C)
5. Tommy Gilmore
6. Joseph Reistroffer
7. Rafael Lpz Seg
8. Matthew Inman
9. John Boudreaux
10. Felix Olazaran
11. Bryan Leighton
12. Fernando Yalil Chada
13. Stuart McNulty
14. Thomas Mauriac
15. Jorge Canavati
Adan Briones
Adrian Ruiz
Reed Hogan
Tanner Avery
Charlie Schwan
Steven Taylor
Taylor Hayes